The Dragon Prince is Getting A Board Game

The Dragon Prince is Getting A Board Game

The Dragon Prince is Getting A Board Game

The favorite Netflix series, The Dragon Prince, is obtaining a board game interpretation. The Dragon Prince: Battlecharged isn’t yet accessible for pre-order, even though they are supposed to open shortly.

The tabletop game has been made by Brotherwise Games and provides fans of the show the opportunity to command the string’ characters in conflict using a card-based system. The sport is revealed as coming along with a complete complement of tiles and cards to play the match together with 8 unpainted miniatures of this series’ characters to use in conflict – and a painting chance for art lovers of The Dragon Prince.

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The game’s trailer reveals team-based skirmishes, with recognizable characters and signature skills from the series taking center stage. With eight supported personalities in the launch, the sport offers a vast array of approaches, with Brotherwise Games referring to many of their character’s synergistic abilities.

This includes together with the recent statement of a The Dragon Prince tabletop RPG system, providing fans of the animated dream tale a lot to look forward to if they are attempting to tell their own stories on the planet of Xeria from the TTRPG or even playing on-screen struggles in The Dragon Prince: Battlecharged. Fantasy series on Netflix happens to be undergoing a boom, probably about the coattails of The Witcher’s victory.

The Netflix series was fulfilled with a hearty number of positive comments, together with The Dragon Prince verified to obtain another four seasons. The dream shows came to audiences in 2018 and have since had three seasons and more to come; it is probably this batch of The Dragon Prince tie-ins that will not be the final.


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