The Last of Us Fan Art Shows Ellie and Joel’s Entire Journey in Wonderful Detail

The Last of Us Fan Art Shows Ellie and Joel's Entire Journey in Wonderful Detail

The Last of Us Fan Art Shows Ellie and Joel’s Entire Journey in Wonderful Detail

The Last of Us franchise could exude powerful gameplay and stunning visuals, but it’s praised the most because of its complex storytelling and intricate characters. 1 fan of this series has interpreted the best minutes from The Last of Us and its sequel into a collection of art pieces, a procedure which has to have taken a huge quantity of time and attention. PLEASE NOTE THIS ARTICLE WILL HAVE MAJOR SPOILERS FOR THE LAST OF US AND THE LAST OF US 2.

The Last of Us artwork collection was shared with @IconicNephilim on Twitter, together with the artist’s actual name being David. The most up-to-date in a long line of creative jobs from Last of Us lovers, David’s job is potentially the most complicated. Described by the artist as being”among the most difficult things” they’ve made, it’s not difficult to know why. The project comprises 24 bits, together with 13 for the first game and 11 because of its own follow-up.

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The artwork for the very first game starts with bits based on the passing of Sarah, Joel’s daughter, also Ellie’s connection with Riley out of Left Behind. Joel and Ellie’s first assembly, Tess’s passing, along the pair’s experience with Bill all come back next. The following poster highlights the dreadful meeting between Henry and Sam, together with all the”stop feeding lies” writing revealed from the corner, adding into the item. Joel and Ellie’s trip to the college comes later, showing off Joel’s harm and construction up to the match’s unforgettable finale.

Winter is shown, with Ellie and David’s confrontation depicted. Arguably The Last of Us’ most iconic scene comes next, as Ellie and the giraffe are shown. The next poster depicts Joel’s decision in the hospital, with Joel’s final promise rounding out the excellent collection of posters. While @IconicNephilim could have stopped there, the artist covered the second game with a series of arguably more impressive posters than the original batch. Beginning with Joel’s brilliant performance for Ellie and the game’s controversial death scene, the collection gets off to a strong start.

Ellie’s hunt through Seattle is shown next, with Dina included every step of the way. The final poster of the section focuses on the theater battle with Abby and Ellie, while the next section shows Abby’s journey with Lev. The final three posters include Ellie’s choice to leave Dina, Abby’s final encounter on the beach, and the devastating finale where Ellie recalls her last conversation with Joel. Unsurprisingly, the artist’s work was met with plenty of praise in the comments, something that is truly well-deserved.

It remains to be seen if there will ever be a third Last of Us game that grows this collection further. Currently, though, it is a terrific depiction of the entire series.

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