Xbox Said to Be Working With Third Parties for Major Exclusive Games

Xbox Said to Be Working With Third Parties for Major Exclusive Games

Xbox Said to Be Working With Third Parties for Major Exclusive Games

Xbox is moving into the present generation using a multi-pronged strategy. Acquiring new studios to reinforce but multiply Xbox Games Studios’ output of exclusives is only 1 aspect of this strategy. Picking up large Xbox Game Pass developments, such as the newly declared Outriders, is also a significant strategy. Today Xbox lovers will get excited about some other prong of assault, as Xbox is allegedly now pursuing partnerships with third-party studios for long-term exclusive franchises.

The report comes in Windows Central editor Jez Corden through the Xbox 2 Podcast. Throughout the podcast, Corden states he’s discovered from an unnamed source that Xbox is pursuing partnerships with”a few large third-party studios” Those ventures are thought to be not only in pursuit of exclusives but also for larger Xbox jobs that could last a couple of years.

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To get a framework of reference, Corden contrasts the attempt to what was initially done for Bungie to create Halo to your first Xbox. Nevertheless, tNevertheless, that sounds like an odd contrast since Microsoft acquired Bungieto make Halo an Xbox exclusive franchise. Maybe Corden is attempting to communicate the energy scope about the size of their jobs and the objective of long-term viability.

His Bungie example becomes somewhat more cloudy with his second example, as he mentions Microsoft is pursuing a “kind of 10-year plan” akin to Asobo’s current work on Microsoft Flight SimulatorMicrosoft Flight Simulator is a very cool idea, but hardly what many would compare to a Halo-sized project. But given that Microsoft has said about keeping Asobo working on future projects for the company, it does make some sense as a longer-term partnership.

Suffice to say; there’s a lot of room to make assumptions based on what Corden’s said. The message seems clear that Microsoft is pursuing partnerships with big game developers to create exclusives that could develop over a decade. The specific example they use to provide context confuses the matter somewhat, implying that this could be more of Microsoft’s acquisition effort or the project could be comparatively small, too.

Corden does make clear that the fruits of these efforts are “really far out.” As such, it’s going to be difficult to tie whatever the eventual product of this effort is to this initial rumor. It does have value on its own, however. It’s exciting to consider that Microsoft isn’t just relying on acquisitions for upcoming Xbox exclusives. Xbox is still working with third-party partners on big ideas, too.

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