New Kingdom Hearts Project Apparently Leaked

Square Enix Might Have taken More than a decade to Launch Kingdom Hearts 3, but the Firm has Launched Kingdom Hearts This might be a sign that Kingdom Hearts: Melody of Memories will comprise someone aside from series mainstay Sora because the key playable character, or it might just be a coincidence.

This could be the death for your Kingdom Hearts collection, but it might also please longtime Kairi lovers who wish to watch her take on a more active part.

No additional details were shown from the data mine, but Reddit consumer adogrocks50 pointed out an interesting detail regarding the emblem that may show some substantial details about what Melody of Memories will demand.

So perhaps that was Square Enix’s method of testing the waters to get a full-scale Kairi spin-off match. That is presuming that Kingdom Hearts: Melody of Memories is a game that’s in active growth. Maybe that was the first name of Dark Road, or perhaps it’s to get a very different project that is not likely to unfold as a video game.

Kairi was playable from the Re: Mind DLC, Dataminers have dug through the documents of Square Enix’s website for its Kingdom Hearts: Dark Road cellular game, that is where they discovered a symbol for Kingdom Hearts: Melody of Memories. Spin-off matches regularly, with new games coming out regularly. As it so happens, it seems like Square Enix is preparing to start a brand-new Kingdom Hearts spin-off game known as Kingdom Hearts: Melody of Memories, if a current escape is any sign.

Until a formal statement stems, all fans can do is speculate. With E3 2020 canceled, it is difficult to say if Square Enix may show its upcoming slate of matches, however maybe a Kingdom Hearts: Melody of Memories statement will come to light earlier rather than later.

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