Shotgun Farmers Is In Development For PS4

The developers have been testing things like a Gun Game-style mode, so it’s going to be interesting to see if it is sufficient to keep fans participated long-lasting. Multiplayer shooter Shotgun Farmers has Besides PC and Xbox One, Shotgun Farmers can be in development for PS4.

An individual would imagine that the programmers would love to strike while the iron is hot and also benefit from Shotgun Farmers’ surprise burst in popularity, but fans will only need to standby for more information.

Nintendo Switch’s version of the game is in development as well. Similarly to the PS4 variant, it’s unclear exactly when the Shotgun Farmers Switch interface will be accessible, but hopefully fans receive any answers sooner rather than later.

Been around PC through early access for quite a while, but its debut on Xbox One has seen it attain new and new heights. Partially thanks to social networking app TikTok, Shotgun Farmers has exploded in popularity, jumping to the peak of the paid games charts on the Xbox Live Marketplace.

Considering Shotgun Farmers’ surprise popularity, some might be wondering when the game will be available on more platforms, and while exact release date information is not available yet, the game is in the works for consoles.

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