Supermassive Games Is Working With Varied And Compelling On A Real-Time Combat Project

Whatever it is, it appears quite different than that which Supermassive has been performing with The Dark Pictures collection, which was interactive choice-based experience games.

On their official website, they are searching for many candidates to get an unannounced and untitled new job from the description, it states that the match will have”diverse and compelling real-time battle,” mentioning hand to hand combat, weapons and ranged fighting.

They are searching for somebody with expertise in designing battle motions and AI that participates with principles of battle.

It is also supposedly a multiplatform name with the expertise necessary for PS4, Xbox One and PC games.

The studio failed to announce a partnership with Stadia before this season, therefore it is possible that this could have some connection here, but it is unclear.

At this time they are in the middle of the rough Dark Films Anthology, a string of smaller-scale terror tunes that appears to be off to a very good beginning. However, the business is focusing on something different, it appears, something a little different by the noise of it.

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